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About ATS
Our company was established in 1986, former Taixian Optical Material Factory. In 2000, we changed our name to Jiangyan ATS Optical Material Co., Ltd. It is located in Baimi Industrial Zone in Jiangyan, a beautiful town in Jiangsu Province. We have the capacity of researching, producing and examining; our main products are optical vacuum coating materials. Since the year 1986 we began to manufacture Zinc Sulfide, we have had many years' experience in production and sales, and our products are famous at home; by our staff members' hard work, the quality and output of our products is always able to satisfy our clients. We have a good reputation among our clients.
The main products of our company are optical vacuum coating materials, such as: zinc sulfide (ZnS), trititanium pentoxide
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zinc sulfide (ZnS), trititanium pentoxide(Ti3O5), zinc selenide(ZnSe), titanium monoxide(TiO), titanium dioxide(TiO2), titanium sesquioxide(Ti2O3), silicon dioxide(SiO2), silicon monoxide(SiO)
zirconium dioxide(ZrO2), zirconium oxide(ZrO), magnesium fluoride(MgF2), aluminium oxide(Al2O3), niobium pentoxide(Nb2O5), tantalum pentoxide(Ta2O5), indium tin oxide(ITO)